In the old days with small animal herds, spreading manure was a great way to replenish the nutrients in the soil. As herds grew and manure multiplied, the problem became "what to do with all the manure?" The answer has been to put it on the land, even if it has more nutrients than the crops use.

What about today?

We are experiencing an excess of nutrients in the soil, ground and surface water, causing numerous environmental problems. Moreover, recent and emerging regulations are restricting this over fertilization.

What to do?

Any solution requires that we stop putting excess nutrients on the land. Additionally, there must be alternative processing, storage and distribution methods.

How do we do this?

AquaRegia™ technology, combined with active microbial inoculants from ProAct Biotech®, converts your manure retention lagoon into a fully functioning continuous process bioreactor. Once processed, the output of a lagoon is separated into a nutrient concentrate and an effluent stream. The resultant clean water is used in agriculture and the nutrients are dehydrated and made available for distribution.