Our Approach

Under exclusive license to Nutrient Separation Technology Inc., AquaRegia™ Advanced Separation Technology (AST) starts by taking separated manure and culturing proprietary microbes that process the fluidized manure into a nutrient soup. These microbes liquify solids, reduces odor, and yields a dense nutrient suspension. The fluidized suspension is sent to a medialess separator (the AquaRegia™ technology) that processes the suspension into nutrient free and nutrient rich streams. The system is low power, autonomous, operator friendly and remotely monitored. While yields vary, it is typical to expect 75% nutrient free and 25% nutrient rich output. The nutrient rich water is now available for further processing to form dispersible solid fertilizer.


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Mission Statement

Our goal is to supply CAFO farms and similar operations that have manure streams with a cost-effective means to take the water out of manure while reducing the remaining nutrients to a solid form factor.  This approach ensures that the modern farmer can dispense with over fertilization, manure disposal and maximize the utility of his nutrient stream.


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Sarc Global Inc., the licensor of AquaRegia™, is a Research and Development company working toward health-conscious, earth-friendly technology advancements. Current developments include innovations in the areas of water filtration, and energy production. They are pioneers in the advancements of technology for solving preeminent problems in industry related environmental impact, while maximizing the yield of established industrial processes.

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Little Rhody Green, DBA Pro-Act Biotech®, is a leading supplier of waste treatment biologics for the agriculture, food, and aquaculture industrial complex. The company’s waste treatment protocol and proprietary biologics, stabilize organic waste and reduce TDS.  The company has an active R&D program to maintain relevant formulations for specific industries.