October 2nd - 6th 2018

Nutrient Separation Technology Inc. brings Aqua Regia™ Water Purification System to the Dairy Industry to Eliminate Environmental Hazards


World Dairy Expo (BOOTH #TC827) —October 2, 2018 – Nutrient Separation Technology Inc. “NutSepTech” is exhibiting Aqua Regia™ water purification at the World Dairy Expo, in Madison Wisconsin. Under license from SARC, Inc., this technology is being repurposed for use in the Dairy Industry. In combination with Pro Act Biotech®, a patented bioaugmentation package, provided under license from Pro Act Biotech, a division of Little Rhody Green, this end to end engineered solution provides a more efficient and cost effective answer to deal with the ever-present problem of animal waste.

NUTSEPTECH was formed to deal with the massive increase in manure and the resulting nutrient runoff. It is growing environmental hazard that over fertilizes the soil, ground and surface water, affecting algae blooms and upsetting natural life cycles in many ecosystems.

According to Bill Campion, Vice-President of Marketing,In the old days with small animal herds, spreading manure was a great way to replenish the nutrients in the soil.  As herds grew and manure multiplied, the problem became ‘what to do with all the manure? The only solution is to process the manure in a manner which will safely distribute the nutrients without upsetting the natural environmental feedback loops.”

Harish Ramesh, Senior Engineer at SARC, Inc, explained, “Our new Aqua Regia advanced water purification technology removes a large variety of contaminants, delivering inexpensive recovery of suspended minerals and potable water. The result is to separate the water from the nutrients, leaving the nutrient portion in a solid form so it can be applied as needed or transported at a reasonable cost. The water is used on the farm or discharged.”

Aqua Regia equipment removes bacteria, parasites, suspended and many dissolved solids, and even miscible/non-miscible fluids. It is light weight, low cost, and consumes minimal energy and does not need chemicals.

NutSepTech at-a-glance

Aqua Regia requires little power and is operator friendlySeparated manure is treated for 90 days with a microbial based patented bioaugmentation process. This treatment reduces odor, liquifies solids and builds a gentle, fast acting fertilizer. This is a constant treatment, not a batch process. With only minor pre-treatment, the effluent will pass through the Separation System splitting the manure into 75% nutrient free and 25% nutrient rich water.

The agricultural grade water can be pumped to storage for use on the farm or discharged. Nutrient rich water may be directly used as standard fertilizer or dehydrated to a solid dispersible fertilizer.

Pro Act Biotech® treats the manure biologically, significantly reducing odor and degrading solids. The system also mineralizes the manure, which improves its fertilizing properties. In addition, the Pro-Act system stratifies the nutrients in the manure, giving farmers the option to irrigate their fields or haul the manure away to locations where nutrients are welcome.

Farmers will be able to meet environmental and phosphorous nutrient regulations, while reducing odor and nutrient handling costs with the patented Pro-Act Biotech® Manure Management System.